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"I have been working with Jon for multiple weeks and am both comfortable and confident he does what is in the best interest of his patients. I give Jon my highest recommendation if you need PT work and his massage therapist (Allison) does a great job also! Steve Jacobs "
Mar 05, 2021
"After struggling with tendonitis and arthritis for quite some time, I gave up on doing any kind of strength training. I thought the only form of exercise for me with my chronic pain was walking. I’d been to several physical therapists in the past and was skeptical to try another due to mixed results. A friend recommended I try a personal trainer who was really good at working with people with limitations or injuries. That trainer, Tom Lowe, recommended me to Jon Schultz so that together they could devise a work out plan to strengthen my weak areas and protect me from further injury. Jon had worked with Tom and had seen Jon’s unique skills and equipment. Jon had equipment I’d never used before: Redcord suspension system, Keiser Functional Trainer and Retrotreadmill. Jon’s holistic approach was unique to most physical therapists who just look at the joint that is hurting. He takes a whole body approach and also takes into account mind/spiritual factors that impact healing. He also helped me with my diaphragmatic breathing to help decrease stress and also stabilize my spine. Jon’s general positive outlook and wealth of knowledge on posture, exercise and pain-relieving techniques has benefited me tremendously. I have been able to continue working out, including strength training with minimal pain and now have renewed hope for improved health. I have reduced stress, much less pain and more confidence. God has created us to be the best version of ourselves, and Jon does an exceptional job helping his clients achieve this and reach their goals. I thank God for leading me to Jon and for Jon’s patience and care as I slowly learned to trust him and experience amazing results."
Feb 23, 2021
Dr. Julia Buchkina, Upstream Functional Medicine

Jon is a wise and caring physical therapist who views his patients holistically from a root-cause perspective. I appreciate his focus on urban poling for therapeutic movement and disease prevention. As a functional medicine physician, I recommend that my patients engage in long, slow distance exercise for 2-3 hours several times per month to improve their glycogen sensitivity while supporting core strength. Urban poling is one of the best forms of long slow
ow exercise I know of!

Dr. Julia Buchkina, Upstream Functional Medicine

I was seeing no progress with a chiropractor and a past physical therapist. He completely changed my mind. I’ve seen outstanding progression and it keeps getting better.

Paige H.

Jon was fantastic to work with, very communicative and interested in helping me achieve my goals. He set realistic expectations, helped hold me accountable, and took a holistic approach to helping me feel and move better. Today I am living pain free thanks to him and the support he continues to offer.

Matt M.

I feel that, post injury, Jon has really helped me to become a better athlete overall. I highly recommend this facility and staff.

Curtis B.