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How good would it feel to be pain-free at work, participating in sports, exercising, or doing activities with your family?

Don’t believe this is possible for you?  You’re not alone, but keep reading, because we KNOW it is and here’s why —

Our treatments are truly innovative, many not available anywhere else in central Iowa.
#1 Greatest Health Tip Ever p.144 April Edition of Men's HealthMany of our treatments, such as Postural Restoration, are available ONLY at our clinic.  Optimum Performance Physical Therapy (OPPT) specializes in the science of Postural Restoration, few people even know what this is.  Yet, Men’s Health, one of the leading publications on health issues, recently had an article with the exceptional results patients are seeing who receive Postural Restoration.  Postural Restoration is achieving life changing results for patients suffering with chronic pain.  This is just one of the cutting edge treatments available at OPPT.

Our patients receive results, even where therapy has failed.  Our approach is different.
You’re not a “client” – you are a patient.   You are the first priority.  We believe the body functions in harmony.  So, our approach is to achieve whole body balance (mind, body, and spirit) through neuroscience-based treatment approaches.  This holistic, evidence-based approach to physical rehab accelerates healing and optimizes the opportunity for a pain free lifestyle to enjoy your life’s passion from gardening, bicycling, or professional sports.  We collaborate with YOU to EMPOWER YOU to achieve improved health…optimum health working with us.   Many of our patients have demonstrated dramatically improved results after working with OPPT, despite seeing multiple other providers for therapy in the past.

You’ll enjoy our state-of-the art conveniently located facility.
Optimum Performance Physical Therapy (OPPT) is locally owned and operated.  OPPT offers patients a 5,600 square ft. state-of-the-art facility.  We have the latest in cutting edge advanced equipment.  You will find a relaxed, friendly, and fun atmosphere that is conducive to healing a chronic injury or taking your performance to the next level. Please check out our website to learn about our unique state-of-the-art equipment that is dramatically improving athletic performance for those utilizing OPPT.

We work will all ages and all diagnosis.
We work with patients suffering with pain from chronic diseases, traumatic and acute injuries, severe sprains, back, knee, and hip pain, fractures, joint replacement surgeries, or sports related injuries.  We are committed to getting them back to their lives as soon as possible and reducing the possibility of further injury and pain.

OPPT welcomes patients with NO injury.  We LOVE to help those wanting to take better care of their body, improve their athletic performance and endurance, weekend athletes wanting to prepare for a distance run or competitive participation, and college level to professional athletes who want to pursue their passion and follow a regimented goal setting program developed by OPPT to get them to the next level.

O.K.  Now you’ve learned a little about OPPT – here’s the first question again —How good would it feel to be pain-free at work, participating in sports, exercising, or doing activities with your family?  

We think it’s time for YOU to find out at Optimum Performance Physical Therapy!  Even if you’ve been told YOU have to LIVE with your PAIN, contact OPPT 515-257-7915 to schedule an evaluation of alternate treatment options.  

We promise that you will not be disappointed in contacting us!  We want YOU to Live Life with Optimum Performance — Let us show you how!



Most services Optimum Performance PT provides doesn’t require insurance authorization.
For those services that do we accept most major insurances:
• BCBS (Wellmark)
• Midlands Choice
• Health Alliance
• Tricare

Please call 515-257-7915 to get more information on how we can maximize your insurance  benefits or for pricing on our cutting edge sports performance enhancement services.